Kalliopi Monoyios


The Denver Post

by Ray Mark Rinaldi

in print April 10, 2022
online April 13, 2022

"It is the kind of show you want to see, and you want to bring your kids and friends to see, because there is a little bit of a thrill for everyone in the room.

And then, yes, a little terror, too."

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DARIA Art Magazine

by Danielle Cunningham

June 9, 2022

"...the global consumption and undervaluing of plastic leaves the artist with a cornucopia of cast aside materials to harvest including single-use plastic, cords, and snack packaging. 

She converts these materials into new states of being as art materials... that are nearly unrecognizable from their original forms..."

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303 Magazine, May 2021
This Art Exhibit is Transforming Lakewood and Arvada by Casey Van Divier

DARIA Art Magazine, Sept. 2021
Review of LandMark by Jillian Blackwell


An interview with Mark Kesling for The DaVinci Pursuit podcast, June 2022

An interview with Tania Marien for the Talaterra Podcast, April 2022

CPR's Colorado Matters, Feb 2020. Interview starts at 43:30. 

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