Kalliopi Monoyios


Kalliopi Monoyios is a visual creative dedicated to communicating the wonder of the natural world to a wide and varied audience.

Beginning her career as a science illustrator for the prominent paleontologist Neil Shubin at The University of Chicago, she was the first to bring the fossil discovery Tiktaalik roseae to life. Her illustrations have appeared inside and on the covers of top peer-review journals as well as in three popular non-fiction books, including The New York Times best-seller, Your Inner Fish by Neil Shubin.

It was in Shubin's lab that she discovered the close relationship between science and art and began to understand the vital role visual communicators have in opening the world of science to everyone. Illustrating for such diverse audiences taught her the value of having a large array of media at your fingertips — everything from traditional media, graphic work, fine art, cartoons, writing, and even performance can spread science far and wide.

In 2011, she co-founded Symbiartic, a blog covering the intersection of science and art, exploring some of these broad-ranging scicomm/sciart efforts for Scientific American.

Now, driven by the conviction that science communicators operating in all spheres are a critical part of creating a scientifically literate public, she is developing new avenues of public engagement with science via her own art and curated exhibits.

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