Kalliopi Monoyios


Kalliopi Monoyios is a fine artist and illustrator whose work explores a deep fascination with the natural world and our connection to it.

Her path to fine art was circuitous but inevitable. Despite a sensible education (Princeton University) and a down-to-earth major (Geology), art just kept showing up to the party. Suddenly, she looked up and it was the only thing in the room. At this point, she has handed over the reigns to the muse within her and is sitting back for a wild, creative ride.

In previous iterations of her career she co-founded Symbiartic, Scientific American's original blog on the intersection of science and art, with fine artist Glendon Mellow and science cartoonist Katie McKissick. Before that, she worked with The University of Chicago paleontologist/professor/author/powerhouse Neil Shubin for 11 exciting years. It was in Shubin's lab that she discovered the close relationship between science and art and began to understand the vital role visual communicators have in opening the world of science to everyone. Though she no longer actively illustrates, science and science literacy remain major influences in her work.

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