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Mountains of Things I

$350.00 USD

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11x14" framed

PTFE dental floss on "treeless" polypropylene paper


One of a kind


When I first began to explore the plastic waste we produce, I was floored when I discovered a large portion of the dental floss sold in the US was made of PTFE, aka Teflon, one of the most environmentally persistent chemicals ever invented. It has become so glaringly problematic that the EU is proposing a class ban on these "forever chemicals," of which Teflon is one. Yet the very thing that makes Teflon so challenging as an environmental pollutant is what makes it an invaluable industrial material prized for its resistance to corrosion, heat, stains, liquids and more. We use it to transport volatile chemicals, put out fires, lubricate machine parts, waterproof and stainproof fabric, and... for 30-seconds to floss our teeth! Absurd. This series of embroideries uses PTFE dental floss on polypropylene paper to make a statement instead -- one that should last millennia. 

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